Can I nominate someone for more than one award category?

A person can be nominated in as many category awards as they feel appropriate as long as each entry satisfies the specific award criteria in that category. The event organisers reserve the right to reassign nominations to a category they believe is most suited to the nomination.

What happens if a person receives multiple nominations?

The judges' decision will be based on the content of the nomination and what the person or team has done. Multiple nominations do not carry any more weight and will not contribute to the judging outcome.

Will I be contacted for more information?

We may need to contact you and the person you are nominating to seek further information in order to progress your entry. Please provide accurate email addresses and mobile telephone numbers for this purpose and respond as quickly as you can if contacted.

When will I hear if my nomination has been successful?

Nominations close on Tuesday 25th September. We will make contact with all of the people nominated who have been successful in making it through the judging process. At that point, we will be seeking their agreement that, should they be successful in getting through to the Finalist stage, they give their permission for their name to be published in the newspaper.